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    Thanks for sharing this information!  It is great to see that in SQL 2016 there is support for backing up system databases as well as databases in simple recovery mode.  The custom schedule is also a good option because it allows for different retention management policies to be implemented based on the type and criticality of the data in the database.

    - Murli

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    Nice , thanks for sharing >:D

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    Xin Jin,

       I would like this feature to be optimized for bandwidth sensitive sites too. 
    Would it be possible to skip a backup if nothing has changed?

          Full Backup Daily, Log Backup scheduled every 2 hours. But this is a 9-5 Mon-Fri operation. Outside of those hours no data modification happens, but maybe an occasional query. 

    Could you check the LSN against the LSN of the prior Backup. And just skip the operation if not required? 
    Clearly its not a huge win for a log backups but it may reduce clutter in tables that track the backups taken. 
    Avoiding the unnecessary backups on Sat & Sun could result in a 28.5% saving in bandwidth & storage. 

    As much as we all like to get excited about 7*24 systems. There are still a large number of systems that are only active in office hours. Similarly there are tons of Reporting & DW systems that only get changed at night. 

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    At 6:39 in video, within SSMS it shows "Azure Storage Account" as the 2nd node in Object Explorer.

    Question: How do I connect to "Azure Storage Account" from SSMS Object Explorer? Can you please share some light on that?  Is that SQL 2016 Object Explorer?

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    @prasannap:You'll need to firstly download Azure Storage Explorer (http://azurestorageexplorer.codeplex.com/) and you'll magically see it appear as one of the options in Object Explorer in SSMS. Nifty little feature!

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