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In this episode of Data Exposed Scott welcomes to the show Jovan Popovic to the show, Program Managers in the SQL Server group. Today Jovan is in the studio all the way from the Microsoft offices in Serbia to talk about the awesome topic of JSON in SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL DB. The show begins with asking and answering the question of why JSON support in SQL Server 2016, and Jovan does a great job providing insight into how and where JSON is being used today and why it makes sense to include support for JSON in SQL Server.
At the 1:50 mark, Jovan shows us how JSON is implemented in SQL Server, the built in functions and operators, such as how to get or modify a JSON value or even checking if the the JSON is valid or not, and how easy it is to format data to and from JSON and to read and write data to and from SQL Server. Jovan explains that JSON is very lightweight and simple, and much better to work with than XML.
At the 5:50 mark Jovan dives a little deeper into the JSON built-in functions by showing us some examples and explaining how they work and what we can expect. He then spends a few minutes how each of these functions can be used in typical T-SQL queries, for example adding them in SELECT or WHERE clauses. Very awesome.
Finally, at the 9:30 mark, Jovan spends the remaining 20 minutes in full demo mode, showing us real-time how to use these functions including OPENJSON, JSON_MODIFY, ISJSON, and more! 20 minutes of demos on how flexible and awesome support for JSON in SQL Server 2016.
Great introduction into SQL Server JSON support. We look forward to having Jovan back for more videos on this topic!




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The Discussion

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    I'm only 22 minutes into the video, and I am amused that I heard Jason Bourne when they were discussing @json, '$.Born',    !

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    I LOVE how he is doing the examples! I like that most typical use cases with increasing difficulty get covered one by one.  Great intro video.  Well done!

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    What shortcut to converts the JSON single line result into formatted JSON?

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    Can somebody please help me out in What shortcut to converts the JSON single line result into formatted JSON?

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    Great tutorial, at a perfect pace.

    Thank you

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    @Celso:Use Sql Operations Studio. It works there.

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    heena bhalodia

    Code :-


    SELECT RigthNumber
    OPENJSON (@Json)
    WITH (
    RigthNumber varchar(50) '$.RigthNumber'
    ,RowVersion timestamp'$.RowVersion'

    Current OutPut (Wrong Data in RowVersion)
    RigthNumber RowVersion
    RC01 0x
    RC02 0x

    Expected OutPut
    RigthNumber RowVersion
    RC01 0x000000000057CD8C
    RC02 0x000000000057CD8D

    Query : i dont get proper data for timestamp data type,can you help me?
    datatype of RowVersion is timestamp

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    Very good explanation. Thanks.

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    json, '$.Born' will be the new Jason Bourne working title in 2019 :P
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    Could you please paste the SQL code, So I could try out.
    Appreciate your help this is great
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    In Visual Studio, hit Enter (or Return Key) at the end of the JSON text

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