SQL Server 2017 Adaptive QP

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This week's Data Exposed show welcomes Joe Sack into the Channel 9 studio. Joe is a Principal PM on the SQL Server team, and is in the Channel 9 studios today to show us the awesome Adaptive Query Processor technology, the ability of the database to adapt based on customer characteristics in real-time conditions. Joe introduces 3 features of Adaptive QP in SQL Server 2017 and Azure SQL DB.

Today's AQP topics:

[02:20] - Memory Grant Feedback

[08:50] - Adaptive Joins

[16:20] - Interleaved execution

For more on Adaptive Query Processing, visit our docs page here: 




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The Discussion

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    Will be interesting to see how well this works in the coming years. I've found, working with large complex queries that return large numbers of rows that I've always had to heavily hint my queries to get predictable performance.

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    Joe Sack

    Thanks Carl. Ideally as we add adaptive mechanisms in QP this will also allow customers to reduce the need for explicit hints. We're just getting started in this space, but that is certainly the long-term goal.

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    Thanks nice presentation. and detail document.

    Are there any chart of Adaptive Query Plan feature with other DB engines ?
    Like Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, Azure Cosmos DB, previous SQL Server/Azure SQL Database.
    For sharing this feature with other DB engine users.




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