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    Will be interesting to see how well this works in the coming years. I've found, working with large complex queries that return large numbers of rows that I've always had to heavily hint my queries to get predictable performance.

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    Joe Sack

    Thanks Carl. Ideally as we add adaptive mechanisms in QP this will also allow customers to reduce the need for explicit hints. We're just getting started in this space, but that is certainly the long-term goal.

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    Thanks nice presentation. and detail document.

    Are there any chart of Adaptive Query Plan feature with other DB engines ?
    Like Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, Azure Cosmos DB, previous SQL Server/Azure SQL Database.
    For sharing this feature with other DB engine users.




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    In SQL Server 2014 New Cardinality Estimator has been introduced. It makes faster executions of lots of queries, but, we also observe slowness. Base on Microsoft recommendation, we use query hint Trace Flag 9481 (force to use old CE) and it worked as expected.

    My question is, does this great Adaptive Join feature solve this problem?

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    Joe Sack

    Hi Debdutta,

    Adaptive Joins for batch mode helps with issues related to incorrect estimates that impact join algorithm selection. It doesn't change any of the assumptions introduced with the New CE - however if there is a skew related to the New CE that impacts join selection, it may help in that specific case.

    In terms of query processing improvements and future strategy - rather than introducing a "new new" CE, we'll be focusing on specific features that address areas that are known to be historically problematic.

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    why it took Microsoft 10 years to get it ?
    in Oracle , it is already there

    Adaptive query processing in SQL databases
    Adaptive Query Optimization
    SQL profie

    When are we going see Cluster ACTIVE-ACTIVE like RAC ?

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