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SQL Server 2019 in Containers

Play SQL Server 2019 in Containers

The Discussion

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    I did some experimenting with SQL Server containers earlier in the year and it is certainly very exciting. Actually I ended up using SQL Server 2017 containers because of the weired errors I was having with the 2019 images.

    One point that triggered my curiosity was: does it make sense to try to create SQL Server containers that are availability group replicas? Would using containers mean we don't need AG anymore? This seems to make sense.
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    How does this affect SQL Certificate encryption and SPNs? I presume all registry information is within the container- does that imply any server that will be used to run such a SQL container will have to already have the certificates installed, and that the SQL configuration will need the acceptable SPNs list to include the server name....or can these all be modified at the commandline when loading the container?

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