SQL Server in an Azure VM - What's New

Play SQL Server in an Azure VM - What's New


It is a pleasure to have Luis Vargas back on the show to show us what's new with SQL Server in an Azure Virtual Machine since the last time he was here 10 months ago.

No slides and all demo as Luis first provides a quick overview of the available SQL Server offering in Azure Virtual Machines via Azure Marketplace. He shows all the different SQL Server VM images of versions and editions in the gallery, including SQL Server 2016 SP1 Express and Developer as well as SQL Server vNext on Red Hat Enterprise Linux!

Luis also spends a minute showing the BYOL (Bring Your Own License) templates and discusses options as to when those would be useful.

At the [10:15] mark Luis walks us through the creation of a SQL Server 2016 SP1 virtual machine to highlight the new and improved features available, including monitoring of OS diagnostics, automated backups and patching with scheduling, and storage configuration and optimization for optimum performance!

At the [32:00] mark Luis shows off the cool feature of being able to download the configuration template of your configuration which can be used to automate the creation and deployment of the virtual machines. VERY cool.

Luis wraps up the show showing auto-shutdown to automatically stop VMs when not used to save money. He then shows how easy it is to connect to the SQL VM via SSMS.

Great show, and we look forward to having Luis back to discuss High Availability!





The Discussion

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    How about licensing?

    What if SQL licensing is not included in the compute, how do I pay for SQL licensing if Ido not have SQL SA license? And what is difference between SQL 2016 Standard VM vs {BYOB} SQL 2016 Standard VM?

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    Luis Vargas

    @tekoholic - We have 2 types of SQL Server images in the Azure Marketplace, regular images (named "SQL Server xxx on Windows Server yyy") and BYOL images "prefixed with {BYOL}".
    The per-minute price of the regular images include the SQL licensing cost together with the OS+Compute cost, anyone can use these images. The per-minute price of BYOL images is only the OS+Compute cost (it doesn't charge for SQL Server licensing), these are only available to Azure Enterprise Agreement Subscriptions.
    For example, "SQL 2016 Standard" is a regular image and "{BYOL} SQL 2016 Standard" is its BYOL counterpart.
    You can see the OS+Compute costs for SQL images at https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/details/virtual-machines/sql-server-standard/

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    Luis Vargas

    And remember, SQL Developer is free!! Use it for development and testing!

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