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Play SQL Server in an Azure VM - What's New

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    How about licensing?

    What if SQL licensing is not included in the compute, how do I pay for SQL licensing if Ido not have SQL SA license? And what is difference between SQL 2016 Standard VM vs {BYOB} SQL 2016 Standard VM?

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    Luis Vargas

    @tekoholic - We have 2 types of SQL Server images in the Azure Marketplace, regular images (named "SQL Server xxx on Windows Server yyy") and BYOL images "prefixed with {BYOL}".
    The per-minute price of the regular images include the SQL licensing cost together with the OS+Compute cost, anyone can use these images. The per-minute price of BYOL images is only the OS+Compute cost (it doesn't charge for SQL Server licensing), these are only available to Azure Enterprise Agreement Subscriptions.
    For example, "SQL 2016 Standard" is a regular image and "{BYOL} SQL 2016 Standard" is its BYOL counterpart.
    You can see the OS+Compute costs for SQL images at https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/details/virtual-machines/sql-server-standard/

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    Luis Vargas

    And remember, SQL Developer is free!! Use it for development and testing!

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