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    Nice work here! When are we going to get the preview bits? Any news on this? The emails coming out of SQL keep teasing us - no links to download. No Azure subscriptions to try. Thanks! SQL on Linux proves that peace is possible!


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    @scribs: Hello! Have you signed up for the private preview? If not, you can do so here

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    Jason Fossen

    Thanks for the preview! In your next video, please give a list of what SQL Server features will not be supported when released, features that are planned to be supported soon, licensing issues, performance difference of running on Server 2016 vs Linux, remote management support with PowerShell (with or without OpenSSH), availability of pre-built test VMs to download, Azure (in)compatibility, which flavors of UNIX/Linux will be supported, and comparison/contrast with the other popular database products normally used on Linux.

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    What about HA ? Replication ? Always On ? etc ?

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    Now I can install bash on Windows and then install SQL for Linux!! ;D

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    Good job.

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    Cool This required great

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    @luisbosquez: I've been signed up from the beginning, but have no link to download.

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    Steve McAllister

    Hmmm...great! I am now full circle from when I first stated using SQL Server in the early '90's. I started on MS SQL Server 4.2 on OS/2 and was convinced by MS to migrate from OS/2 to Windows NT 3.1 running MS SQL Server 4.21. Just prior to migrating to MS SQL Server our client was running Sybase SQL Server 4 and it was a easy migration. Let's hope with a 50x more complicated SQL Server 2016 we have just as easy migration experiences.


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    so all this excitement and undercover work and keep it away is just for command line sql server

    thank you very much .

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    How tough can it be ? NTFS vs EXT# file system still is a file/folder system that holds files and has permissions. So yeah, making it runs, looks and feels like SQL Server on Windows is the hardest part. The basic database functionality should be no big deal. The hardest part will be what Microsoft is putting off at this point, the SSIS, SSAS & SSRS. But that's really what sells or delineatres SQL Server. Oracle has a data warehouse builder, Microsoft will have to do that too. Otherwise this is just yet another unlimited version of MS Access for Linux. End of the day, you can use a cross platform management studio like Toad or Embarcadero to access stored information. Does it matter if one uses PLSQL or TSQL to do ETL and storage ? This could've been done back when SQL Server was first introduced, but they were hell bent on their proprietary NT file system(s) that have evolved. Apple ported their OS to X86, this should be similar. I'm thinking that like Apple, to get .NET and anything else Microsoft proprietary to run in Linux, does Microsoft need something like a Rosetta layer that Apple had for it's first few versions of OS X running on X86 ?

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    Will go one step further in the discussion ? I can understand the "cool" of natively running SQL server in Linux, but is it really a waste of time because it would be better served to run it on a virtual machine in Linux ? That is bundle a special version of Windows that installs to a virtual machine and put SQL Server on that ? Really you have the same installation as you would on Windows, it runs in a huge file that grows & shrinks with new data and then database compacts that Windows is famous for on all their database products ? I can also understand that anything short of natively running in Linux and Oracle is still the enterprise database winner in Linux ? But like my prior post implies a Linux virtual machine is the quickest way to get SQL Server to Linux with complete functionality.

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    Jeff Woody Torres

    Will you be incorporating "SQL Server R Services" into this new "SQL Server for Linux" version?

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    1.- Over what platforms of Linux will run SQL 2016?  PA-RISC, PowerPC, Itanium, SPARC, or only in x86 platform?
    2.- Can I use LINUX SQL 2016 in an AlwaysOn setting, I mean one node with Windows SQL 2016 and the second node with LINUX SQL 2016
    3.- Can I use TDE in LINUX SQL 2016?
    4.- Can I use Always Encrypted in LINUX SQL 2016?

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    Oded Rabani

    Hi, here is an how-to I wrote of how to install MSSQL on Ubntu:


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