SQL Server on Linux: The HOW


So, I could write up some lengthy introduction and details about what you are going to see in this video, but it wouldn't do it justice. So, I'll just say this:

This video is all about the HOW. Tobias and Slava are back in the studio to talk about what work went into porting SQL Server to run on Linux. For nearly 45 minutes, Tobias and Slava discuss the details and provide the insight into the thought process and work behind SQL on Linux.

At the [43:45] mark its DEMO TIME, and Slava spends about 8 minutes explaining how the team is debugging SQL Server on Linux leveraging existing and newly built tools. Truly awesome stuff! Yes, there was a lot of build-up to the demo, but it is very worthwhile.

This video goes along with the following blog post but definitely goes into more detail as we get some phenomenal insight from Slava and Tobias! 



Linux, SQL Server