Setting up and Getting Started with Power BI Embedded

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Today's Data Exposed show welcomes Ran Breuer and Arina Hantsis to the studio. Both Ran and Arina are Software Engineers on the Power BI team, and have flown in from Israel to talk about how to get started with Power BI Embedded. 

In this 22 minute video, it's all demo as Arina and Ran provide an overview of Power BI Embedded, and discuss how they have exposed a set of REST APIs on the Power BI service platform to work with data to incorporate analytical capabilities easily and enrich your application for a seamless experience. Almost like magic.

At [02:55], Arina and Ran provide a quick overview of how the Power BI authentication works behind the scenes within an application. Very helpful. Then, at [07:35] it is demo time, as Ran spends the remaining 15 minutes walking through a 0-60 (or 0-59) demo to show how to go from nothing to an embedded dashboard.  

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