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In this thrilling episode of Data Exposed, Scott Klein is joined by Bob Ward - Principle Escalation Engineer for SQL Server. Scott and Bob talk about the top two reasons why people want to talk to Bob Ward and the rest of his SQL Server CSS posse. If you want to know how Bob and his CSS band troubleshoot SQL Server performance problems, then you need to watch this episode. Bob breaks down "My  SQL Server is Slow" into understandable and manageable processes that take the vague to specific. Bob gives us a breakdown of the "running vs. waiting" approach to help narrow down a performance problem, then gives us some insight into the query optimizer and the new cardinality estimator engine in SQL Server 2014. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Bob breaks out the words FREE and PERFORMANCE in the same sentence by introducing us to the SQL Server Performance Dashboard Report which help break down the "running vs. waiting" mantra. Bob then gives us 2-for-the-price-of-1 when he discusses the OStress tool, a nifty tool for generating and replaying a SQL Server workload. Did I mention FREE? Lastly, Bob wraps up this episode by giving us some insight into backup and restore myths, common mistakes, and best practices. As much as Bob and his merry band of CSS homies like talking to you, you'll be talking to Bob a lot less after watching this video.



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