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Join Roger and guest Michael Rys from the SQL Server Engineering team as they discuss an exciting new improvement in SQL Server Code Name "Denali" called semantic search which makes it possible to automatically build tag clouds over libraries of documents and perform powerful searches which compare documents based upon their meaning.  Semantic search will enable a wide range of capabilities for developers building content management solutions, and we'll show a sample app called MySemanticSearch which demonstrates some of the possibilities.



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The Discussion

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    Awesome!  What about other types of files?  XML or HTML? Will it ignore XML tags or HTML tags when generating semantic search, or will all my XML tags be "ranked" up top?

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    Great video. I will install it and play with it.


    How is the ontology stored RDF, OWL etc?

    Can we view those files??

    What about access previleges and authentication (windows or TCP authenticaiton)?


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    @BLinden:All the SQL Server Full-text iFilters are supported. So in the case of XML or HTML, we will not index the markup tags or attribute names. If you want PDF support, you will need to install a third-party PDF iFilter such as Adobe's or FoxIt's.

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    One update, the languages supported now include several different versions of Chinese Smiley
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    @srikalyan: There is not really an ontology behind it (yet). We are extracting keyphrases or tags (in this case only 1-grams, although the algorithms could also handle n-grams). That information is made accessible in relational form through the table-valued functions. Generating and supporting ontologies is definitively something we are looking into for the future. How close that future is depends on many things though. What do you mean with access priviledges and authentication? This feature is integrated into SQL Server with Fulltext search so you have the standard SQL Server access controls.
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