Defrag Tools #106 - Larry Osterman - 30 Years - Part 1

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The Discussion

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    Parag Paul

    Congratulations Larry, Have followed you since I joined MS

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    Congratulations Larry Osterman! It is always fascinating to hear Larry's stories about how so many things came to life on Microsoft.
    This is a very interesting episode! Fantastic!

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    This is the first C9 video I've watched in a while but how could I resist Larry Osterman's stories :)

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    Wow...this is really awesome.. Congratulations Larry Osterman!

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    This is a really great nostalgic video.   By chance, does anyone know where to look for further details on the architectural choice that kept WOW 16 from running simultaneously on 64 bit Windows with WOW 32 ?

    I'd love to see them hold up a copy of Windows 1.0 in the archive...

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    Larry, you need to donate the goat horns :-)

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    Next stop: Larry's house museum.

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    @jlomax:This is an architectural limitation of the x86 processors. Wikipedia notes it on the page about Virtual 8086 mode (which is what enables WOW16 on 32-bit Windows to provide the backwards compatibility with 16-bit DOS and Windows apps):

    "Support for virtual 8086 mode is not available in x86-64 long mode, although it is still present on 64-bit capable processors running in legacy mode."

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