Defrag Tools #107 - Larry Osterman - 30 Years - Part 2

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The Discussion

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    too short :P

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    @1:30 of the MS 386 commercial - audio cassette tape. Awesome.
    Customer - Trans Global Intenational Freight - TGIF - clever pun!

    You guys have gotta get to more Archive shows and get Bill Gates!

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    We would love to have Bill Gates on, but I have a feeling he's pretty busy these days with eradicating malaria and polio and whatnot.
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    Cool video, I just wanna hug Larry!! Golnaz too, but for differing reasons, must be awesome wondering the vaults every now and again... employees should have to opportunity to have a supermarket sweep in there after 25 years service.

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    Why Andrew is using iPhone?!! At the very minimum I would expect Android or obviously Windows Phone but iPhone?

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    @gt65345: It's a Nokia 521 (running WP 8.1).

    (I was texting that I was running late 'cos the 1hr shoot ran 2.5hrs - due to us geeking out all the time, instead of filming)

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    Stephen Cole

    I remember the original Microsoft Mouse well, and its green buttons, and the small green programming guide (Int 33h).
    It came with an ISA card that plugged into a PC slot - hence the board etching transparencies etc
    Only later were serial versions produced, then PS/2 and later USB and wireless versions
    I keep searching yard sales looking for an original green button Microsoft Mouse!

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