Defrag Tools #107 - Larry Osterman - 30 Years - Part 2

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In this second part of a two part special for Defrag Tools, Larry Osterman joins Larry Larsen, Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder to celebrate Larry's 30 years at Microsoft. We continue looking around the Microsoft Archives building, reminiscing over a selection of products that Microsoft has produced over Larry's 30 year career.

Microsoft Archives - Campus Tours
Microsoft Archives - Microspotting
Larry Osterman's Weblog
Larry Osterman on Channel 9

[00:00] - MS Mouse
[01:50] - Clippy Costume
[02:07] - Intel x86 In-Circuit Emulator
[03:52]Microsoft Corporate Campus (Larry's binder below)
[04:15] - Buildings 1, 2, 3 and 4 Construction Time Lapse
[04:32] - Building 2 - Larry's original office
[05:57]Windows/386 Commercial
[08:53] - Congratulations Larry on 30yrs!

Larry Osterman Binder



The Discussion

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    too short :P

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    @1:30 of the MS 386 commercial - audio cassette tape. Awesome.
    Customer - Trans Global Intenational Freight - TGIF - clever pun!

    You guys have gotta get to more Archive shows and get Bill Gates!

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    We would love to have Bill Gates on, but I have a feeling he's pretty busy these days with eradicating malaria and polio and whatnot.
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    Cool video, I just wanna hug Larry!! Golnaz too, but for differing reasons, must be awesome wondering the vaults every now and again... employees should have to opportunity to have a supermarket sweep in there after 25 years service.

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    Why Andrew is using iPhone?!! At the very minimum I would expect Android or obviously Windows Phone but iPhone?

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    @gt65345: It's a Nokia 521 (running WP 8.1).

    (I was texting that I was running late 'cos the 1hr shoot ran 2.5hrs - due to us geeking out all the time, instead of filming)

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    Stephen Cole

    I remember the original Microsoft Mouse well, and its green buttons, and the small green programming guide (Int 33h).
    It came with an ISA card that plugged into a PC slot - hence the board etching transparencies etc
    Only later were serial versions produced, then PS/2 and later USB and wireless versions
    I keep searching yard sales looking for an original green button Microsoft Mouse!

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