Defrag Tools #111 - Programming Windows Store Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript Part 1

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    Paul Thomsen

    Wow - his book is ONLY available for free. Kraig explains his book this video in one of the the most articulate and passionate discussions I've ever seen, and yet when I go to get the book it's FREE! I'm feeling guilty. I'll give it a serious read for sure.

    And to be clear, I have no relationship whatsoever with Kraig, MSDN, or even Microsoft (these days).

    Thank you!!!

    p.s. I would like a physical book, even if I have to pay for it...

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    One thing I found annoying about JS windows 8 apps is that I couldn't force a print to default printer, you always had to go through the UI meaning the user had to select the printer etc.  annoying since I was writing a visitor sign-in screen at the time so asking for printer preferences was out of the question. And that was my interaction with win 8 j's.

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    One of the thing I will like to know more about is the update tecnology related to Windows Store Apps. I know it involves Windows Update. I remember that in an episode of this show Andrew talked about a possible discussion on "Life of a KB". Now that even the OSG is more likely to talk about the Windows build mechanism (as Windows Technical Preview gets updated), I think it will be great to listen to someone of the build labs, customer service or Windows Store platform management team.

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