Defrag Tools #112 - Programming Windows Store Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript Part 2

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In this of Defrag Tools, Kraig Brockschmidt joins Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder for a second episode to talk about Windows Store Application development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Be sure to download the free ebook!

Programming Windows Store Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Second Edition



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The Discussion

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    Well I must say Kraig's book is really excellent. Totally got me put straight on so many levels I don't have the time to list them all! Thank you Kraig it was really 100% brilliant so well written and structured and a pleasure to read. I'd happily donate you a fiver for some beers.


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    For weeks I have been deliberating over how to build my game there are so many graphics engines and options to consider I even started to learn C++ ( I am a C# .NET programmer by trade ) but soon learned not to go down that mind bending path. So it's JS and HTML5 with some libraries to help but to be sure can you consider what is the best route for me to get a game to market as an indie bedroom developer one man band. I want it to run on windows phone and be available in the store and ideally for tablet and or desktop. I know localisation is a big one. And I suppose performance comes into it at some stage ( C++ vs JS ) as I assume C++ is native? and JS is kinda interpreted am I wrong?

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