Defrag Tools #121 - DebugDiag Part 1

Play Defrag Tools #121 - DebugDiag Part 1

The Discussion

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    preciso de sua ajuda para desenvolver meus proprios programas mas o maior problema e´que não sei nada de informática não conheço o windws nem ser viajar na web ; obrigado pela ajuda * Eduardo manoel

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    it's awesome that you're going through all the diagnostic tools used by MS support engineers. Now the biggest problem is choosing which tool to use when.

    By the way, installing a windows service (that's what DebugDiag does in order to collect data) seems a bit uncomfortable in production. Could I take dumps with procdump or windbg and open them in the analyzer to take advantage of the application specific rules, like the one for SharePoint?

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    @siodmy: Yes, you absolutely can collect dumps with ProcDump or an equivalent tool, and then collect the dump to be analyzed on a different machine that has DebugDiag installed.

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