Defrag Tools #140 - Larry Osterman - 31 Years

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The Discussion

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    Someone that puts 30 years of their lives into a company should be listened to. Much respect.


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    Congratulations Larry! You rock! :-)

    PS: Isn't it boring to sit in such a small office by yourself the whole day? It's good for concentrating, but a break and a chat with a colleague is nice.
    Do you have a lot of contact with you colleagues, except over chat then?

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    Great Show As Always !

    One Question For Andrew Though ... Where Did You Get That T-Shirt? So Need To Order One #MicrosoftMerchandise

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    @vjabran: Most of the T-shirt I wear are either from the Microsoft Company store on the Redmond campus (not to be confused with the Microsoft Stores in malls), or are internal T-shirts from product launches, etc.. Looks like you need to visit HQ. :)

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    Keith Campbell

    Please sign me up

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    I have to respect anyone who builds Lego models and still uses emacs. You rock Larry

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