Defrag Tools #142 - Raymond Chen - Old New Thing

Play Defrag Tools #142 - Raymond Chen - Old New Thing
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The Discussion

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    Kudos for the courage, guys!    Great interview.

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    Myth busted! He is real!

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    That should be "Myth busted"...

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    Insane! Awesome video. I wish I would have a signed copy of Ray's book x33

    (Inb4, I'm the 22222th view =3)

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    Thanks for this episode guys! Somehow I missed Raymond's book before - now it's on my reading list :) Already read first chapters from it and despite book mostly covers Windows 95 times it is still interesting read. Would be cool to have something like that but for more recent stuff, I believe there are more stories to share, and we have some new "old new things" to cover already :)

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