Defrag Tools #146 - WinDiff

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    Gordon Bell

    A great Open Source alternative is WinMerge (

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    I've found the tool in VS 2013 has the tearing problem, so I use KDiff3 (

    It also has the capability to do 3-way merging and to copy changes from one side to the other.

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    I recall seeing WinDiff being used by a Microsoft employee in an 'old' video.  It might have been the VHS tape distributed with NT 3.1 Advanced Server.

    I also think the source for an early version was distributed in a Win32 SDK or Platform SDK.

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    FWIW the official Microsoft support page for WinDiff says it's no longer supported, which begs the question of why it's being featured here.

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    old but gold

    IIRC, the windiff source code was distributed with Visual Studio 1.52. Could you put it on github?

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    seriously guys, WinDiff?  this tool hasn't been state of the art for 20 years.

    use Beyond Compare, nothing else comes close.

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