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In this episode of Defrag Tools, Chad Beeder and Sylvain Goyette discuss how to analyze and optimize Windows boot performance, using tools available in the Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK).


[00:00] Introductions and overview
[01:31] In-box feature: Task Manager Startup tab will show estimated startup impact of various processes and let you disable them
[02:10] More scientific measurement: Use the ADK's Windows Assessment Console to run the Boot performance assessments. There are two: Fast Startup and Full Boot.
[02:52] Discussion of traditional (Full Boot) vs. Fast Startup/Hybrid Boot (introduced in Windows 8)
[05:12] Various options you can configure when running the Boot performance assessment
[07:38] Note that it will do six reboots before taking the measurements, to make sure the boot prefetcher (ReadyBoot) is fully trained
[09:26] Open the results XML file in Windows Assessment Console. Example: comparing a baseline (clean OS install) vs. an OEM preload image with extra software installed
[11:23] Main Path Boot vs. Post On/Off sections. Post On/Off is a heuristic where the assessment tries to estimate the time until system settles down to idle
[13:00] Drilling into the various sections of the report
[15:50] Keep in mind that you need to enable Auto Logon for the test to be valid.
[18:05] Next step for deeper analysis: Open the analysis trace in Windows Performance Analyzer.
[21:58] Looking at the CPU Usage (Sampled) graph to see who was using CPU during Post On/Off phase
[23:04] Filter out low-priority threads since they don't impact the user experience
[25:36] Looking at the Disk Usage graph and filtering out low-priority I/O
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