Defrag Tools #164 - Sysinternals for Nano Server - Mark Russinovich

Play Defrag Tools #164 - Sysinternals for Nano Server - Mark Russinovich

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    Robert Sherise

    The psexec.exe joke is not really funny, it provides another crutch for old NT4-era admins to continue to ignore the welfare of their careers and the welfare of the networks/organizations they serve. Russinovich should think about the larger strategy for Nano and Microsoft, not just the popularity of his pet tools. The Sysinternals tools are indeed useful, so why doesn't Russinovich or some other team at Microsoft port them to PowerShell as cmdlets where they could be even *more* useful to us??? It would be wonderful to have a Sysinternals module either built in by default or available in the PowerShell Gallery...

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    Hey, Robert, I partly get where you're coming from as the idea of a PowerShell module (as a way to rollout the tools) would be a great way to rollout the tools. Though, Mark's previously stated that, if he builds them in to the "core" or via controlled updates, he would be restricted by Microsoft vetting and the update refresh intervals - so I completely understand his logic. What we also have to remember here is that the Sysinternals tools are all free and I suspect Mark builds the majority of these in his spare time! I hope you realise I'm not complaining about your comment (just more that I'm a little unsure as to what you're getting at about the "NT-era admins") though I rely so heavily on these tools now, if Mark stopped injecting the time he does now, I'd be lost without them!

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    Thanks Andrew Mason for showing up, also Andrew I've been dealing with symbol download problems on server 2016tp5. Can never get the right symbols for that build. Is there a good way to deal with all the new builds and symbols downloading and the changing SDK's and debugging tools. I never know if I have the right version installed since the builds keep updating.  I am running a symbol server, and most of the time the symbol errors are on my Hyper-V server 2016tp5, but anything you can add would help.

    Thanks for coming back on the air guys! 

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    @s3curityConsult: Send me an email at - with examples of missing symbols.

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    Mike Diack

    A crazy question - very offtopic. Why is this channel called defrag-tools?

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    Remote administration by using command line ... without vi or anything similar with the windows console (cmd) which is for some reason very limited, ... interesting.

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    @Mike Diack: Because it's a spinoff of the Defrag Show (another Channel 9 show), but focused on tools and troubleshooting.

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    Adam Leinss


    No one is forcing you to use PSEXEC on Nano. Don't want to use it? Then don't use it. These are free, OPTIONAL tools and many are designed for diagnosing and troubleshooting the operating system.

    I pop into a CMD (ConEMU) session on a daily basis. I also play with PowerShell/ISE on a daily basis. You CAN have you cake and eat it too.

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    What -Credential ~\Administratror means? Specifically ~\ part and how is it different from .\ or just specifying Administrator on it's own?

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    The 2016-07-04 release of the following SysInternals tools seem to have the same version information as their last release:

        notmyfault* is still at 4.0

        sync* is still at 2.2
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    Closed Captions @ 3:49 ... so the choice of tools was based on "tentacle availability"? That's a new one... :S

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    It seems like current "Sysinternals Suite for Nano" doesn't include procdump64.exe. Will procdump be included in the future?

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    Hi everyone,
    I heard Mark mentioning the new Version of his Windows Internals Book. It should be ready within a month? Amazon seems not to know about this.
    What are Marks current plans when the current Version of his Masterpiece will be ready? And where would it be available first?

    Thanks, Thomas

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