Defrag Tools #166 - Performance Analysis of UWP Apps

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In this episode of Defrag Tools, Sylvain Goyette joins Chad Beeder to discuss performance tracing of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.

(Sorry that Sylvain's screen is somewhat hard to read; we had some technical issues with the screen capture session.)

Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) including the Windows Performance Toolkit

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[00:00] Welcome and introductions
[02:15] Different providers to enable in Windows Performance Recorder, depending on whether the app is XAML or HTML
[03:08] In Windows 10, you can also do tracing using "wpr" command line tool (ships in-box).
[05:15] Example: Tracing the in-box Weather app (XAML app)
[08:47] Load the pre-configured WPA profile to get a good set of default analysis views
[11:20] Looking at the Dwm Frame Rate and GPU Utilization
[14:54] On the Frame Analysis tab, we can look at individual frames which are rendered (or late) and look at the CPU Usage (Attributed) graph to see what the CPU was doing at that time
[20:57] Using an ADK assessment ("Windows Store apps performance") to measure the launch time of UWP apps
[24:56] Looking at the results of the Windows Store apps performance test
[27:07] Open an individual trace (Sports app launch) and see what took up time during launch
[31:50] Questions/comments? Email us at



The Discussion

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    the universal stands for all platforms. Do you also show how to capture those traces on phone, xbox, holo lense?

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    You can do tracing on Windows Phone using the Field Medic app. I haven't played with it much, but it has different built in tracing profiles you can use, or you can import custom ones.

    Not sure about Xbox or HoloLens.

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    I know FieldMedic (I've asked several questions via mail, but never got an answer), but several others never heard about it. But here I only see an Edge-Web-Apps profile, no XAML profile. Is UxAppPlatform the right one in fieldmedic->advanced?

    Please do some shows about Windows 10 mobile (using ETW with fieldmedic and device portal, getting crash dumps on mobile devices), users ask this a lot on stackoverflow.

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