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    I've got the opposite problem of a system not going to sleep: my desktop pc is going to sleep while I'm using it. Playing a game, watching Netflix, browsing the web and suddenly the system goes into hibernation.

    The eventlog says the cause is the battery. I do have a UPS battery connected but I'm pretty sure the system was not running from the battery. I've never had this problem with Windows 7 and 8 but since I upgraded to Windows 10 this hibernation event occurs a couple times a week.

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    @ZippyV: It must be hibernating in response to a message from the UPS about the battery getting too low. Not sure why that would happen if you're on AC power, maybe a faulty UPS battery?

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    Check your UPS - should have a  test button on the front or back and  check that the battery  is working ( take battery out of ups and check with multimeter for the battery stated voltage) if the batter meter is saying fully charged - ups batteries should be checked every 12 months for damage  and capacity  and replaced every 24 months .

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