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In this episode of Defrag Tools, Andrew Richards talks to Andy Luhrs and Bill Messmer from the Debugging Tools for Windows team. We talk about what the team develops, what it is working on, the debugger object model, their blog and their feedback email address.

Bill leveraged the debugger object model previously in these episodes:


[00:00] Welcome and introductions
[01:20] What application's are in the Debugging Tools for Windows?
[01:57] Kernel Transports - COM, USB, 1394/Firewire, Network
[02:34] Symbol Tools - Defrag Tools: #88 - Symbol Folder Hierarchy - index2.txt
[03:15] Current focus is on usability
[05:06] Debugger Object Model
[06:20] NatVis support 
[05:06] Feedback -
[05:06] Blog -
[05:06] 1394 Kernel Debugging is now in the SDK, not inbox
[09:19] Enabling Postmortem Debugging
[12:28] Next week - JavaScript scripting support

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The Discussion

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    Always a pleasure to listen to Andrew & Bill Messmer on debugging stuff. I remember Bill's two part series on dx command. It will be great, if you can do a session on NatVis and LINQ for those who are new to them (like me - Or, please point to any video sessions if any. The MSDN page has too much info on this).

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    @Johnson Rogers:Thank you for entertaining me this morning, however he is not a lizard, He is a debugger, Hillary is the lizard goodbye


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    @svenkat9: Defrag Tools #138 and #139 cover the basic of NatVis, is there anything specific you think are missing with NatVis? I'm also writing a blog post right now on the basics of constructing a LINQ query that I'll post on our blog soon (link also in video description).

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    @aluhrs13:Thanks for your response. Yeah, a detailed blog on constructing LINQ queries, specifically in the context of WinDBG would be very helpful. I agree that 138/139 touched upon Natvis, but you will notice that @wmessmer: says that lot of details are in MSDN. MSDN details are too overwhelming when one is looking to quickly grab the concept in the context of WinDBG. Thanks, again!

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    @AndrewRichards Think you'll resurrect the !exqueue extension for Win 8 and newer? Looks like you guys did a lot of work in the _enode structure between Win 7 and Win 8 that the extension no longer plays nicely with.

    If you're not going to fix it, do you have a consistent way of dumping the system worker threads?

    Awesome topic and thanks in advance.

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    Hey guys,

    Would you be able to maybe dig into a kernel dump caused by NMI dumps? Sometimes I run into servers that we need to NMI dump / reboot, but windbg always points to NMI being the issue when it's just how we rebooted the server.


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