Defrag Tools: #17 - WinDbg - Driver Verifier - Part 2

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In this episode of Defrag Tools, Michael Fourre, senior test engineer from the Driver Verifier team, pays a visit to Larry Larsen and Chad Beeder in the Channel 9 studios to give us some deeper insight into this valuable tool for catching device driver bugs!


Debugging Tools for Windows

About Driver Verifier

[00:00] Intro - Michael Fourre
[01:45] New Windows 8 feature: DDI compliance checking
[02:33] Verifier.exe: command line vs. GUI
[03:10] Looking at a Windows 8 verifier crash
[04:37] New Windows 8 verifier feature - VerifierExt.sys driver
[05:39] !ruleinfo tells you what the driver did wrong
[08:00] Best practices with Driver Verifier when you suspect a faulty driver
[09:03] Performance impact of enabling Driver Verifier
[10:37] Using !verifier in the debugger to view verifier settings and statistics
[11:50] Viewing IRQL transition log with !verifier 0x8
[13:13] What are IRQLs (Interrupt Request Levels)
[15:41] Does Driver Verifier make drivers behave differently?
[19:00] Other useful flags to use with !verifier
[22:10] Viewing kernel pool allocate/free log with !verifier 0x80
[22:45] Viewing IRP allocate/complete log with !verifier 0x100
[23:19] Disable verifier on the fly: !verifier -disable



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