Defrag Tools #170 - Debugger - JavaScript Scripting

Play Defrag Tools #170 - Debugger - JavaScript Scripting

The Discussion

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    I guess I shouldn't put off learning JavaScript any more. I won't miss having to write another debugger extension.

    Super interesting show, thanks guys!

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    What was the rationale to choose JavaScript over Powershell (if Powershell was even considered)? (not trying to bash anything, I think javascript support is great but genuinely curious)

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    Hi gents! Love the new look of the site - makes it a lot easier to navigate and looks really "clean". Haven't had chance to review the episode yet as I nearly had a heart failure when I first loaded the main page! The first words I read were: "Last episode". OMG! I thought you'd been disbanded and you'd posted that no more were going to be made! The day that happens, I'm retiring!!!

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