Defrag Tools: #18 - WinDbg - Driver Verifier - Part 3

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In this followup to last week's episode of Defrag Tools, Michael Fourre, senior test engineer from the Driver Verifier team, gives us an overview of all the available verifier settings, and explains when you might need to use them.


Debugging Tools for Windows

About Driver Verifier


[00:00] Intro
[00:58] Volatile mode (also known as "No Reboot Feature")
[02:09] Using Verifier on production systems
[03:19] Different ways to configure Verifier (command line vs. GUI)
[05:55] /query vs. /querysettings
[07:38] "Deadlock Detection." How does it work?
[11:07] Standard Flags overview
[13:28] Additional Flags overview
[15:43] /log switch



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