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    Zach Holmes

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to clarify something I said at 9:15 - I said yellow implies a higher "brightness", but what I meant to say was a higher "power drain" and in that example I was also specifically referring to OLED panels because the R and G channel pixels both need to be lit. On LCD screens the color is more a function of the filter over the backlight so brightness carries the majority of the power impact, but in OLED, the number and intensity of each pixel required is a large influencer on power drain. Sorry for the confusing statement in the video.

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    Awesome work, Paresh! System Power report is delivering diagnostics to end user and with great value.

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    Time for an Edge Power Consumption episode?

    Considering: (WinHEC 2017 workshop)

    Microsoft's test: (Canada IT Pros Jonathan Rozenblit, Anthony Bartolo)

    and public attempt: (Linus TechTips)


    What do you guys say?

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    @OzBobWa: I don't know if we want to delve into that argument, it's not really within the scope of our show. But I would mention a few things:

    * After doing the battery rundown tests, in addition to just seeing how long it ran until the battery died, it would be more scientific to look at the System Power Report to make sure there weren't other background processes contributing too much to the battery usage.

    * To get even more scientifically accurate results from the report, it'd be best to use systems which have integrated power metering chips (we talked about this in more detail in our earlier episode on Energy Estimation Engine). Unfortunately, most devices on the market do not have these.

    * As there is video playback involved, the results may vary significantly across different hardware because hardware offload for GPU and audio may be a factor.

    * As mentioned in this episode, screen brightness is a big factor. I don't know if these other people who did these tests were forcing a consistent screen brightness across all of their tests. If not, their results could be misleading.

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