Defrag Tools #182 - WinDbg Preview Part 1

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In this episode of Defrag Tools, Chad Beeder is joined by Tim Misiak and Andy Luhrs to introduce WinDbg Preview, a new version of the WinDbg tool.

Also see our followup episode: Defrag Tools #183 - WinDbg Preview Part 2

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[00:00] Welcome and introductions
[00:32] All new shell, and it's available as a Store app
[01:17] Yes, all your old debugging commands and extensions still work
[02:06] New features enabled by the debugger data model (for more on this topic, see Defrag Tools Episode #138 and Episode #139)
[03:24] Use the Feedback Hub to help us make it better
[04:17] All new UI. (Ribbon, relaunch recent sessions, new windowing system, dark theme)
[07:05] Watch window, locals window, etc., can all use the new debugger data model
[08:13] New script window - makes it easy to write NatVis and JavaScript visualizations
[08:50] WinDbg Preview is a work in progress! Expect frequent updates.



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