Defrag Tools #183 - WinDbg Preview Part 2

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In this episode of Defrag Tools, Chad Beeder is joined by Nickolay Ratchev and Tim Misiak to show off some features of WinDbg Preview, a new version of the WinDbg tool.

Also see our previous episode, if you missed it: Defrag Tools #182 - WinDbg Preview Part 1

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WinDbg Preview (download from Microsoft Store)
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[00:00] Welcome and introductions
[00:42] Recent targets - every debugging session is saved for easy access next time
[01:44] New features of the locals window and watch window: Use LINQ expressions
[03:22] Model window allows different views (i.e. grid)
[04:05] Demo: Use a NatVis script to modify how data is shown in the Model window. JavaScript supported as well.
[06:00] New interactions between windows, new features in Command window... better copy & paste
[08:15] Right-click to search on MSDN
[08:58] Use the Feedback Hub for bug reports and feature requests!



The Discussion

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    Following the link to the store, I get "WinDbg Preview is currently not available"


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    @BrianCatlin: The store takes around 24 hours to fully propagate, so it might take a bit. Also make sure you're on Windows 10 Anniversary update (14393) or newer.

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    only store? so no windows 7 and no server 2008 support?

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    @siodmy: The classic WinDbg will not be going away anytime soon.

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    Windows store still saying it's unavailable in New Zealand os is 10.0.15063..

    someone give the store propagation a kick :) THWACK!

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    @Crispin:Same in Israel

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    in Germany the app is now up in store, but the version crashes for me at startup (BadImageFormatException) on 32bit Windows 10 v1607 on my Toshiba encore 8 tablet. 

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    @MagicAndre1981: cause is that the Microsoft.Performance.Shell.dll is compiled for x64 (when I open it in JustDecompile) which can't be used on 32Bit Windows 10. 

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    I'm just waiting for (& betting on) someone to come back and say it's only available in the US only atm, or something like that, check the availability settings in the store, I don't believe this to be a propagation issue.

    Or better still - you could bundle it with an SDK and let us downloa....oh wait...*thumps head against wall*...........................

    cmon guys if you're going to inflict the ribbon on us at least make it quick and painless :( (<----it's a joke - really it is!)

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    Maria Hamilton

    The linq stuff has such potential but I have just spent [way too long frankly] trying to get Intersect or Join to operate on two collections of dll base addresses. It would be great to see examples for everything on

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