Defrag Tools #188 - Cyber Monday - What tech to buy?

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In this episode of Defrag Tools, Chad Beeder and Andrew Richards talk about what tech you could buy on Cyber Monday.

We talk about USB Sticks, USB Cables, MicroSD Readers, International Power Adapters, Charging Stations, UPS Backup, Network Testers, Memory Sticks, Disk Drives, Drive adapters, Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass, ... and many more things.

For Intel Product Specs (to determine supported RAM, etc.), refer to

(Apologies for Andrew's poor voice)



The Discussion

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    Lol, that voice is hilarious. :D

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    Great video, cant wait to buy the adapter

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    Is the book "Troubleshooting with the Windows Sysinternals Tools" the successor of "Windows Sysinternals Administrator's Reference" or is it a completely new book with new content?

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    @wellisolutions: It's the 2nd edition.

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    If I had a Surface Studio I would crown myself. No * that, I would knight myself.  Yeah, with a sword. And wear gloves to operate it. steel mesh gloves like a knight. A medieval knight and i'd attack people on horse back with one of those massive sticks.

    That's when you know you're happy. When you're jostling pedestrians dressed as a knight with steel mesh gloves on and Surface Studio in a loot sack. That's when you understand the true meaning of Christmas.

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    BTW, USB-A is the rectangle connector. USB-B is the D connector in regular, mini (old cameras) and micro (phones) sizes, and USB-C is the new rectangular one with the rounded corners.

    USB 2 requires a client and server, and thus uses A+B connectors.

    USB 3 is bidirectional, allowing C at both ends. Most data cables are A to C though. Because C is both, that is why it can drive HDMI, etc.


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