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Announcing the Inside Show, the show that takes you inside Windows!

Inside covers Windows Features, Windows Internals, Exception Codes, Bugcheck Codes and Debugger Commands. Each episode is just 5 minutes, with no specific order between episodes. Watch the Welcome video!

For longer topics (15-30min), we'll continue to cover them on Defrag Tools in 1 or more parts.

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The Discussion

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    Does this mean that Defrag Tools will get back to its roots as a Windows troubleshooting show and stop doing so many episodes that are developer/debugging based?

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    @Peter:Yes, the plan is to do more tools that aren't debugging based.

    Debugging is lots of small topics - and that's what drove the show's creation.

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    I love the debugging episodes. Those are my favorites. I enjoy the puzzle-solving aspect of it.

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