Defrag Tools #190 - Performance Power Slider

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In this episode of Defrag Tools, Chad Beeder is joined by Jorge Novillo and Ojasvi Choudhary to discuss the Performance Power Slider in Windows 10. We discuss how it works, how hardware partners can customize it, and how users can adjust some of its settings.

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[00:00] Overview of the Performance Power Slider
[02:54] Performance Power Slider on AC and DC power
[04:02] Requirements to view the Performance Power Slider
[04:49] Behind the scenes of the Performance Power Slider
[07:22] Querying the custom processor settings
[09:13] Power throttling user controls
[14:14] How OEMs can customize the Performance Power Slider
[19:25] Questions? Email us at



The Discussion

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    Ojasvi Choudhary, when you discussed Performance Power Slider Knob 1, you describe Powercfg commands to query PPM settings. When I run the 1st line - 'Powercfg /QH OVERLAY_SCHEME_MIN' on my Surface Pro 2017 (running Windows 10 Pro 1803), I get 'The power scheme, subgroup or setting specified does not exist.' Has the BetterBattery scheme changed names since your presentation? Also, what is the scheme used for the 'Battery Saver' slider position when running on battery?

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