Defrag Tools #192 - Windows Update and Windows Upgrade

Play Defrag Tools #192 - Windows Update and Windows Upgrade

The Discussion

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    For the error messages I still use the err.exe from Win7 SDK


    C:\>err 0x80248007
    # for hex 0x80248007 / decimal -2145091577
    WU_E_DS_NODATA wuerror.h
    # The information requested is not in the data store.
    # 1 matches found for "0x80248007"


    if this is not included, I parse the .h files from Win10 SDK Include folder.


    The Feature Upgrades in Windows 10 are the worst thing ever. I always do the upgrade via ISO when I have time and space. WU should see that I only have 1 GB free space on the 8" tablet, so trying to download/install 1803 will fail.


    Please show users how to use SetupDiag to solve issues:


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    every time need to do a fresh install. upgrade won't work no matter how many times tried. 

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    Dan M

    Why must microsoft break simple things like Network browsing after an update?

    And why why for the love of God do you insist on reinstalling games I don't want, that I have removed??

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    Nice to see Gov in action again...

    So, concerning the OS/App identification issue - is that why AMD Eyefinity settings are never migrated when I do an upgrade?


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    Good discussion. Very informative in the process. 

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