Defrag Tools #192 - Windows Update and Windows Upgrade

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In this episode of Defrag Tools, we talk about Windows Update and Windows Setup. We describe the different technologies, what each does to download the software, prepare the installation, and finish the installation.

In the next episode, we'll dive deep into the logs, showing you how to troubleshoot an installation issue.




The Discussion

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    For the error messages I still use the err.exe from Win7 SDK


    C:\>err 0x80248007
    # for hex 0x80248007 / decimal -2145091577
    WU_E_DS_NODATA wuerror.h
    # The information requested is not in the data store.
    # 1 matches found for "0x80248007"


    if this is not included, I parse the .h files from Win10 SDK Include folder.


    The Feature Upgrades in Windows 10 are the worst thing ever. I always do the upgrade via ISO when I have time and space. WU should see that I only have 1 GB free space on the 8" tablet, so trying to download/install 1803 will fail.


    Please show users how to use SetupDiag to solve issues:


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    every time need to do a fresh install. upgrade won't work no matter how many times tried. 

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    Dan M

    Why must microsoft break simple things like Network browsing after an update?

    And why why for the love of God do you insist on reinstalling games I don't want, that I have removed??

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    Nice to see Gov in action again...

    So, concerning the OS/App identification issue - is that why AMD Eyefinity settings are never migrated when I do an upgrade?


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    Good discussion. Very informative in the process. 

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