Defrag Tools #195 - Console Command Favorites

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    where doesn't seem to work in PowerShell.

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    Win+R =>  sysdm.cpl is a faster way to bring up the system properties dialog

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    @jlomax:In PowerShell you have to type where.exe for it to work. 

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    @jlomax - because "where" is an alias in PowerShell referring to Where-Object

    @defrag team, you guys need to spend some time with Jeffrey Snover!

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    if you really want device manager the use hdwwiz.cpl instead.

    and if you prefer a perticular page of one of those elements
    then for example control sysdm.cpl,,2 opens the 2nd page where the device manager button is

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    Great episode guys!

    really cool.

    one of my favorite Win+R shortcuts is: compmgmt.msc

    I use this to easily check out the SQLSErvr running services and manage storage too. 

    Best Wishes.


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    Kurs Christian

    more like this, very interest in more Windows Internals and Commands.

    very fine!.

    best regards


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    Win+Pause HYPE! I am constantly trying out various Win+[some other key] combos when I have a few seconds over (loading screens) in hope of finding a new super useful shortcut key like Win+Shift+S. [H] Didn't know about Win+Pause! Thanks a bunch!

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    qwinsta & rwinsta - I don't use them every day, but probably every month.

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    I know of commands:

    • dir
    • tracert
    • ping
    • ver
    • route
    • start
    • netstat
    • ipconfig
    • win
    • config.sys
    • exit
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    This is commands I using and use in Windows 7, 8 and XP.

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    One of the best "type <file> | findstr [options]". However there is a /A option to findstr where you should be able to specify a color code as defined in "color /?" however I have never seen this work. The Linux guys always rub it in that grep does this automatically. Have you been able to get the /A option to work with findstr?


    netsh int ipv4 show config    // I like the format better

    nltest.exe // dsgetdc: favorite

    cmdkey.exe // cached credentials

    dsquery // ldp filter syntax :)

    sc.exe // many uses

    gpresult.exe // "/r scope:computer" favorite

    w32tm.exe // domain time <3 kerb

    reg.exe // many uses

    dism.exe // many uses

    robocopy.exe // many uses including deleting data


    Some of my other most used are actually vbs

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    dir /s/a/b xxx.txt: find a file hidden or otherwise called xxx.txt with a nice clean path

    set dircmd=/ogen: set default sorting for dir command (sort/group by subfolders, then extension, then name)

    hostname: get the hostname

    whoami: who is you current user running context

    set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1: show disconnected devices in device manager when enabling hidden devices


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