Defrag Tools #202 - InfoSec with Paula Januszkiewicz

Play Defrag Tools #202 - InfoSec with Paula Januszkiewicz

The Discussion

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    Is Defrag tools dying out as you don't seem to do many videos anymore?
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    It’s on hold/cancelled. We’ll tape new ones if a big topic turns up and someone else hasn’t covered it.
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    @windev That's a shame. Defrag Tools always seemed fairly unique to me in that it covers some very interesting and incredibly useful topics that would otherwise seem pretty mysterious. There's a lot more content out there than there used to be about some of the topics you cover, but having you guys - who do this stuff all day for a living at Microsoft - stand in front of a camera and geek out is pretty unique. Did you feel like you'd run out of good topics to cover, or just other reasons? I would imagine just finding the time can often be difficult.

    If I thought about it, I'm pretty sure I could come up with quite a few topics I'd still love to see you cover and would definitely come under the Defrag Tools umbrella. The shows you've been doing recently that cover new Windows features have been good, but the best content for me has always been the core technical stuff that's been around in one form or another for a long time.

    Anyway, I (and I'm sure a lot of other people) would hate to see Defrag Tools go off air for good.

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    A lot of it came down to time - both Chad and I are very busy in our day jobs and it got harder and harder to find the prep time. We also ran out of content that we do day-to-day. The big thing we never want/ed to do is present inaccurate information.

    I'm tempted to tape a few episode on just some random dump debugging - for the fun of it. Would you like that?
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    I would very much like to see some more dump debugging by you, Andrew. Any contributions from Chad would be great as well.
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    All my favorite shows are gone now, its such a shame I spent 30 grand on college I.T. degree and everything is heading for AZURE and I'm carrying heavy furniture up to the 2nd and 3rd floor apartments now instead. Anyway I miss seeing you two guys dorking around in the sequel while Raharaj Maharaj and LarryXbox also bit the dust..

    Now I can no longer bet on what crazy outfit Chad Beeder will wear anymore against my girlfriend. {SMILY} I hope you guys are doing really well and if you want to make a full length movie like Jay and Silent Bob save the world hit me up, I just got a 4 dollar movie studio and I need victims! Life is short, dont forget to laugh and have fun. Microsoft will always be there.
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    I watched all of your episodes regularly when they came out :). If you would have any interesting dump analysis stories taped then I think all the show fans would be overjoyed :). Best show on Channel9 for me, thank you guys.

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