Defrag Tools: #22 - WinDbg - Memory Kernel Mode

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The Discussion

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    The video seems to bug out at 31:57.  Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me?

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    @JohnLudlow: what's happening with your video exactly? 

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    Happy New Year!!! 

    Dudes I love this series its totally awesome... I feel you guy's are providing a great learning outlet especially for a beginner like myself. However at times the show gets hi jacked and it never gets back on course. I felt the past two episodes could have been a bit more linear and detailed.

    keep up the good work dudes.

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    @dcrearer:  Send us an email at to explain what you exactly mean. We'd really like to hear your feedback in detail.

    Since we are making up the content (live) as we go to air, we may get off track from time-to-time. When we do, call us on it and we will revisit the episode.

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    Great series, very beneficial for the forensic troubleshooting connoisseur.

    Btw, concerning the 'bad' pages mentioned in !memusage, this value is typically not an accurate representation of actual bad pages. Pavel Lebedinsky, SDET at Microsoft, commented on this at the blog below:

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