Defrag Tools: #37 - JavaScript - Part 1

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    Thank you.

    good to know of "use strict"; a feature that will certainly help. It'd be nice to be able to turn off on a per file basis. For example, in in the beginning of legacy files one can put "use strict not"; or something similar.


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    Can you apply "use strict" to the entire Java engine? (like you would server side with C# with web.config)
    It seems to be a great way to do final runtime checks on your farm of test machines - that, as you say, might concat' in a different order.

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    My computer graphics,. arent working correctly. dont want to bother anyone...neither is wmp pics nor will any devices be recognized. was working two weeks ago. all but wmp. i have java and flashplayer intalled and active x disabled. what should i do???!

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