Defrag Tools: #40 - WPT - WPR & WPA

Play Defrag Tools: #40 - WPT - WPR & WPA

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    [00:40] - Windows Performance Recorder (UI)

    the subfolder is created for .net ngened symbols if you have .net processes running.

    [19:18] - Symbols & SymCache

    where you able to repro the slow PDB decoding I talked some time ago?

    Btw, this slide ( mentions a program symcachegen.exe to convert PDBs to symcache fies from a command line. Why is this tool not part of the public WPT?


    The scroling issue is what I already told during the DP/CP and RP. The older xperfview is better to display such stacks. The new WPA only has scrollbars everywhere Crying

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    Is it possible to group the stack column in the WPA using multiple filter expressions? For example to the stack groups file IO, network, JIT, GC or XML processing.

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    @SteffenZeidler: Not sure what you are asking for.  You can filter to the callers of a function. And then do a filter for the next criteria. Is that what you need?

    Send us an email ( if you have private info to describe.

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    @windev:I want a configurable criteria name of the stack in an extra column, so I can group the stacks like
    Stack group name, Filter
    File, kernel32.dll!*File
    Heap, ntdll.dll!*Heap
    TCP/IP, ws2_32.dll!*
    Xml Serialization, System.Xml.dll!System.Xml.Serialization.*
    GC, clr.dll!WKS::gc_heap::*
    JIT, clrjit.dll!*

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    Bruce Dawson

    I would also like symcachegen.exe -- it could be very handy and it seems cruel to mention it but not release it.

    MagicAndre1981 -- regarding your question about slow PDB decoding, there was a regression that caused symbol conversion to run up to 150x slower. The only fix I am aware of is to make sure that older versions of dbghelp.dll/symsrv.dll are in your WPT install directory. See this post for details:

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    @Bruce Dawson


    yeah, we fixed it the same way. After using my workaround I did a google search and also found your blog.

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