Defrag Tools: #58 - Sysinternals Streams and Autoruns Example

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    [00:00] - Nintendo legacy

    I was a Sega guy Big Smile. I enjoyed Mega Drive with Sonic more than NES or gameboy.



    Pokki fixes the ugly Win8 UI by adding a Startmenu back Wink

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    LibreOffice is a cool Office program:

    Looks much better compared to the ugly and unusable Office 2013. 2010 will be my last Office from you.


    [13:55] - Microsoft Security Essentials is a great (free) AV solution

    no, MSE sucks. With MSE Explorer is sooooooooo slow. All icons pop up with 1s delay in Explorer. This feels like a 486 PC. Look at your WPT videos and here you see the Defender/MSE service on top of the processes which hog CPU and disk Wink The first thing I do in Windows 8 is to completely kill the 5 Defender packages with DISM to get rid of this crap.

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    Philip Saunders

    libreoffice the replacement for openoffice :)

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    If last 2 comment are not about Microsoft how you can say that in future Microsoft will stay on top of the world.

    I means Soon you loose Mr ballmer (CEO).Win8 is failed already, WP8 phone is crap. where is the sound enhancement feature and seek for backward when I play music.

    You used convention special then what rest of the world use. This make thing totally crap. Example are many :- IE(11 will be buggy),WP LESS then 10% market-share,Win8(less satisfied customer).

    Is their any hope so we can see Microsoft will got something like Android, Chrome and other thing that Google have and running awesome :(

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    Security essentials is a nice product. The main downside would be for families who might want more protection for children. Many of the security suites let you adjust website filtering, data filtering and time of day use by the logged on user. If you don't need those features, MSE does a nice job.

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    I personally use System Center Endpoint Protection and Microsoft uses it as well, (which is actually the same as Security Essentials and Windows Defender.)  I have not had any problems with Microsoft's Anti-virus programs personally but I just read an article where Holly Stewart from Microsoft made some comments about Security Essentials being the bottom rung antivirus... read this here,


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    @s3curityConsult: Seen the news on that too. Our position wasn't clearly stated in that interview. The test in question tests scenarios that aren't our focus for various (good) reasons.

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    I'd highly recommend Judy uninstall toolbar, unless she deliberately installed it AND uses it. It usually come as an option (but selected by default) addon to something more useful. It is adware that slows down IE. I see this one all the time with my customers and have yet to have one that uses it or knows where it came from.

    --The PC Doc

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