Defrag Tools: #59 - Larry Osterman

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    What editor Larry Osterman is using for 29 years?

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    Larry!!! Great to see you again on C9, man. Smiley


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    Larry Osterman

    I use "Epsilon" which is an EMACS clone made by Lugaru. I learned the original EMACS (which was a full screen editor for the DecSystem 20 at CMU) back in college and Epsilon is an excellent clone of it (it's dramatically faster than GNU Emacs).

    @Charles: I had a blast, so much fun.

    Oh and I want to be clear and not take the credit (the video makes it sound like I did more than I actually did): The problem I talked about at 4:30 or so was solved almost entirely by the media folks, I was just tangentially involved in the solution. I really messed up in the video.


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    Absolutely love watching the defrag series of shows. So many useful tips and info from all you guys about hardware and software, including the old bug war stories. Wink


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    [11:53] - Keep ALL drivers updated to stop Audio glitches - CPU starvation

    from the xperf traces I often get from users on shows that IRQ sharing (sound card with network or USB controllers) often causes glitches. 


    [19:00] - Windows 8.1 split screen support

    so you're happy to get back a feature that WINDOWS (not this Microsoft Tile 0.1 alpha you relased as Win8) had for 30 years? Simply listen next time to feedback during the original development and don 't act so arrogant like Sinofsky did during Win8 development and ignore every feedback.

    [22:40] - Windows 8.1 close vs. suspend swipe-down gesture

    yes, the Developer Preview from Build 2011 missed it and the Consumer Preview added it. I saw this question very often, too. Also your "experts" (MVPs) don't know this and ask this in the forums. Like I already told to Gov, communicate this LARGE change with a KB and a larger blog post!

    [28:02] - Our Multi-Monitor configurations

    no wonder that no one uses VS any longer, because of the ugly UI of VS2012 and 2013. I get a headache after seeing the UI for 1 minute.

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    @Larry Osterman:


    From what I've read about articles regarding low latency audio, since ACPI came along they pretty much always involve either swapping hardware or possibly toggling stuff off in BIOS and hoping the IRQ order changes (incase you need all the stuff you bought on a high end motherboard).

    The best approach IMO would be a simple to use user option somewhere that allows selecting any one or two devices in the system and have the IRQ usage automatically re-arranged such that that those devices get a dedicated/non-shared IRQ that has also higher priority over the others.

    eg. In my system I would manually prioritize audio, midi and custom hardware attached to any bus (eg. data acquisition or some homebrew hw on parallel port or GPIO pins) to have highest priority and network (eg. usb wifi) after that, the other devices can wait until those are done. However, if gaming I might want to prioritize GPU and input devices first, sound second (bigger buffer). (eg. in TMNF the network latency and sound are irrelevant, it's all about reaction time to what you see)

    This could be limited to the Pro/Ultimate or similar SKU to avoid big HW vendors going back to assuming that they have dedicated IRQ for whatever consumer hardware they put out, and MS could only offer WHQL certification for hardware that worked with IRQ sharing for normal use cases, leaving user the choice which audio device on the system they want to prioritize highest.



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    There was only one Bill Hill, but Larry Osterman is the next best thing when it comes to Channel9 guests.


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