Defrag Tools: #61 - Windows 8.1 - Disk Space, Sysinternals DU and RU

Play Defrag Tools: #61 - Windows 8.1 - Disk Space, Sysinternals DU and RU

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    Junctions can be on a second drive in the same machine. But they can't be on an external machine like symbolic links. Hardlinks have to be on the same storage.  

    I've used hardlinks to get files to update via skydrive but exist in a folder outside of the skydrive folder.

    This ended up not working so well if two computers would update the file. Skydrive creates and deletes the file for some updates, thus breaking the hardlink.

    I had more success with symlinks and skydrive since symlinks can reference a file or a folder. The issue remains if you want to rename the file though since renaming the original file breaks the symlink, and renaming the destination is allowed but then the user won't know what it was pointing to.



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    Hi Andrew,

    on my french version of Windows figures are not space separated/formatted : I get "3á568á156" instead of "3 568 156".

    Once again great series to watch, nonetheless.


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    [02:35] - WinDirStat

    I like TreeSizeFree much more:" alt="Generic Comment Image">

    [03:01] - Junctions, Symbolic Links and Hard Links

    here are 2 cool tools to simplify it:

    [14:58] - Sysinternals Registry Usage (RU)

    this tool helped me earlier to see why an user had a slow boot:

    so there was a tool which cached the HTML data inside the registry and blows up the ntuser.dat to nearly 2GB. This tool is really nice Smiley

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    Correction of my own post.

    Junctions can be to external locations. They just can't point to files and they don't seem to work with DFS link locations. I have it in my best practices notes to use symbolic links for external systems or brittle connections (removable drives, skydrive), junctions for internal systems (usually for binding a second drive directly into a user profile), and hardlink for intra-drive.

    I highly recommend link shell extension as mentioned by others.

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    @RonaldLP: I've reported it to Mark.


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    need help on my computer

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