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    the skydrive option is explained here:

    Enable this program to work with SkyDrive files.

    Try this setting if the program can't see or open files on SkyDrive. Note: when large files are being downloaded there may be a long delay, with no progress bar reflecting the download.

    this is a workaround for the new smart file feature that Larry explained here:

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    Any best practice for using Remote Desktop from a high DPI (3200x1800 @13.3") laptop into a Windows 7 machine?  Do we really have to change the RD machine up to 150+ DPI while we use it remotely and then back to 100% when we get to work?

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    @jlomax:Unfortunately that isn't an ideal experience, though I believe it is handled more seamlessly when both the Remote Desktop client and server are 8.1. Have you looked at this article?

    The DPI adjustment is not available in a Remote Session (RDP)

    You might also be able to work around it, to some extent by using Windows Magnifier (Windows + Plus keyboard shortcut) or a tool like ZoomIt?


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    i love 3200x1800

    I like RDPing to my workstation and having visio diagram take up my entire 13" display at 3200x1800. I like how it doesn't scale the DPI.

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    What Windows 8.1 did was to essentially screw up high DPI scaling in my day to day work on my laptop with a full-hd screen.

    That "little bit blurry" is so annoying that essentially I am forced to turn high-dpi scaling off for maybe 3/4 of all desktop applications... and that sucks, big time.

    I don't understand at all why the default has been chosen to break things for and this tech-talk, while informative, didn't really give much of an answer as to why the setting was not the other way around, i.e. explicitly enabling high-dpi scaling for apps, rather than disabling it.

    And, please, stop speaking of "OLD desktop apps"... most Metro apps I have come across are infantile at best.

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