Defrag Tools: #66 - Windows 8.1 - Jeffrey Richter - Wintellect Package Explorer

Play Defrag Tools: #66 - Windows 8.1 - Jeffrey Richter - Wintellect Package Explorer
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In this episode of Defrag ToolsJeffrey Richter joins Andrew Richards and Larry Larsen to talk about the Wintellect Package Explorer. This new tool, associated with the Windows Runtime for C# book, allows you to view the properties of Store apps installed on your system, and help you manage them.

Wintellect Package Explorer - (via Source Code link)
Windows Runtime via C# - Book
Wintellect NOW - On-demand video training (use code "JeffreyR-2013" for a 14 day trial)
Wintellect - Consulting and Training

[00:00] - Special Guest - Jeffrey Richter
[00:39] - Wintellect Package Explorer (via Source Code link)
[01:12] - Packages vs. Applications
[03:55] - Main Window
[07:30] - Uninstall Menu
[08:20] - Package Menu
[12:30] - Package data - Lower Pane/Clear User Data/VS Debugging
[15:15] - Packages Menu
[15:32] - Package Capabilities
[18:11] - Application Declarations
[23:39] - Email us your issues at



The Discussion

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    I just realized you guys got 15,000 views already, i never realized how big an audience defrag tools had.  I have  a question, After installing Visual Studio anytime an application crashes or hangs it brings up the dialog box to debug using visual studio 2012 or 2013, is there anyway to get windbg or procdump to be one of those choices?  I have already used the scripts from setting up the usb lightsaber to set the defaults to procdump, but still this box comes up, I used to be able to always collect dumps with procdump before I installed visual studio.  What gives?

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    @s3curityConsult: Weird, if you run procdump -ma -i c:\dumps after the VS install, it should be set as the AeDebug Debugger.  (Equally, if you run WinDbg -I it should be the debugger).

    What values do you have in these locations?

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AeDebug
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AeDebug

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    I had an absolutely awful upgrade experience to Windows 8.1. I was using Window 8.1 beta prior. I lost all my apps and even some documents. If interested I blogged about it here:

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    @windev, Actually just by running that command Procdump was set as the J.I.T. (AEdebug) debugger, so hopefully this time it will stick, I think maybe Visual Studio was taking control back however, perhaps after updates or reconfigurations.  Now I have procdump in both aedebug keys.

    Visual Studio is driving me nuts anyway, as both 2012 and 2013 will not deploy any apps, I get the error DEP0700 RDSAppxNotifyRecoveryTrigger whenever I try to build and deploy an app, which I cannot figure out why I cannot properly register any windows 8 apps.

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    Hello I need to contact Jeffrey Richter with  a question about his application Wintellect Package Explorer, Jeffrey if you read this, I cannot use the application to uninstall any apps because it crashes everytime, I have run as administrator but the program keeps on crashing and creating dump, I have several dumps I would like to have you look at them please, I have created a folder for the dumps and here is the link..   This folder contains wintellect package explorer dump files. you can also upload to this folder as well!

    Jeffrey you can upload solution here:

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