Defrag Tools: #68 - Windows 8.1 - HTTP Request Crash

Play Defrag Tools: #68 - Windows 8.1 - HTTP Request Crash

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    [07:58]!error <code>

    the err.exe knows the code.

    C:\Users\André>err 0x80072efd
    # anonymous HRESULT: Severity: FAILURE (1), Facility 0x7, Code 0x2efd
    # for hex 0x2efd / decimal 12029
    # 3 matches found for "0x80072efd"


    It is a shame that that cool tool is no longer getting updates Crying Crying Crying


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    Hi Guys,

    Please could you tell me exact type of your Laptop? Thank you in advance, and great video.

    Best regards,

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    Still cannot develop any windows 8.1 apps.  Unable to deploy the apps, because of DEP0700 RDSAppXNotify errors on both my windows 8.1 laptops.  Really ned help with this one.  I ahve tried also on visual studio 2012 with windows 8 apps. same problem, Cannot deploy anything, even the basic sample apps.  Please tell me what this can be.  Talk about frustrating.  I can develop win32 apps, but no modern apps.  What could be blocking the registration and deployment.  I am sure that I am doing everything right, as I could devlop on windows .  I have also tried reinstalling visual studio on both machines, repairing, etc.  I cannot find any posts about RDSAppXnotifyTrigger.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


    P.S.  Are window s.1 apps deployed to appdata?  Is  there anyway to change where I deploy them to, like Program data or can I choose at least to not use AppData.  I have a feeling that my software restriction policies that are blocking Cryptolocker may be interfering with these appx deployment, however I can run Windows 8.1 apps no problem from the store and from the start menu, plus I have tried turning off the group policies that block unrecognized apps from executing from AppData, so I kind of ruled that out.  However there is nothing else different on my machines.


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    @Kenan: We both have the Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch i5/4Gb RAM (a business model). You can also get an i7/8Gb model.

    For consumers, the Lenovo Yoga is the equivalent model. 

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    @S3curityPlu5: Is your Developer License up-to-date?

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    Where can I download and install the "Windows GUI symbolic debugger"

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    When I enter:



    But I got "No export pe found"

    How can I solve it?

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    Hi windev,

    Thank you for your reply, I'm looking to buy that model with i5 because i7 is expensive. I thank its ok for me as a student in Computer Science and .NET developer, also thank you so much for your great videos.

    Best regards,

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    @Kenan: I expect you'll be happy with that ThinkPad X1 Carbon. They're very popular around Microsoft.

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