Defrag Tools: #70 - Windows 8.1 - Interop Crash

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In this episode of Defrag Tools, Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder walk you through a common issues in Windows Store applications that use Interop. We use a Windows Store 8.1 app sample to show how missing code affects the stability of the process.

Improving apps with Quality reports
Windows 8.1 Application Samples
Defrag Tools SkyDrive (inc. Scripts and ProcDumpExt)

[00:34] - Commonly missed CLR Exceptions
[06:50] - What's an Interop application?
[09:10] - What's an HRESULT? (Microsoft; Wikipedia)
[13:23] - Samples - XAML SurfaceImageSource DirectX interop example
[18:15] - Remove the removed/reset handler to cause an HRESULT based exception
[20:21] - Add an exception handler with associated XAML TextBlock
[23:16] - Sometimes you get System.Exception, instead of the exact exception type
[25:10] - Dump of the unhandled exception... No CLR Exception (!pe)
[28:21] - Email us your issues at
[29:34] - DirectX apps on old DirectX hardware
If you have a crash you don't understand, email the CAB file to and we'll help you.



The Discussion

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    I love it, Larry plays it off great but I think his brain was bubbling and his head was going to spin around like BeetleJuice from all the code jargon.  You could almost picture his eyes spinning like cookie monster as he nods along to everything Andrew explains.,  LOL

    just kidding Larry, If you aren't a programmer, it is hard to comprehend most of that stuff.  Happy Holidays

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