Defrag Tools: #71 - Message Analyzer - Part 1

Play Defrag Tools: #71 - Message Analyzer - Part 1

The Discussion

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    Thanks Defrag Tools for awesome 2013. Looking forward to 2014. Happy New Year to all the team who brought us the show.

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    It would be really nice to see show about Message Analyzer.
    It's totally different compared to Network Monitor.

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    Happy New Year, and finally shows with Message Analyzer Smiley

    Hope you can do a series of shows on this tool as it's a very interresting and usefull tool that needs all the highlighting and explanations it can get.

    May I order a set of 10 shows each at least 30 minutes long, please?

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    Excellent, please have Paul go through the known issues, as they have kept me from installing this tool.  I see that the download comes with a known issues document, and I remember that a couple may have seemed a little serious back then, maybe they have resolved some issues by now.  thank you

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    Excited to hear about the built in web proxy and looking forward to a lot more episodes about Message Analyzer!

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    S3curityPlu5, please let me know which issue are blocking you now.  Since we've released Message Anazlyer, we are hoping that there is nothing critical that should stop you or anybody else from installing, but perhaps you know of something specific.


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