Defrag Tools: #72 - Message Analyzer - Part 2

Play Defrag Tools: #72 - Message Analyzer - Part 2

The Discussion

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    Well, Paul I have now installed message analyzer and the issues that I was referring to are no longer a problem, it looks like they must have been cleared up, since the last time I looked at the documentation, it may have just been that I needed to restart the server or something, it is working fine on server 2012R2 for me now. Thank you for the tool...more things to learn for me now!

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    I had to trace the source of some traffic a few months ago and used message analyser (it has Process ID column which is unavailable in other networks sniffers like WireShark), the problem was - this Process ID column was empty for packets that I had to track. Why is that? (it turned out to be that the source was Message Broker on SQL Server 2008 R2)

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    I'm not sure how you got an Process ID column that is empty.  I assume this was a Link Layer capture?  Which trace scenario did you use?  Was the traffic all of the same type (hint use grouping on Process ID)? 

    One thing about Process ID, is that it's more accurate for outgoing traffic.  In the case of incoming traffic, the Process ID could be based on the current process that happens to be busy at the time.  We do plan to expose a more high level process info at some point in the future.


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