Defrag Tools: #75 - Windows 8.1 - FileNotFound Crash

Play Defrag Tools: #75 - Windows 8.1 - FileNotFound Crash

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    Larry - not sure what's happened to the C9 website but most videos I try to play fail with my browser set to 'Auto'. The progress bar shows 00:00:00 at start and finish and that's about it!! If I select Format /HTML 5 then videos play okay.

    I am running IE8 and the latest Chrome on Vista 32bit and have same error on both.

    Any ideas?  Love the series on Win8 Apps!

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    @sjypharm:That sounds like a problem with your Silverlight install. Couple thoughts...

    • uninstall Silverlight and re-install it
    • go to your C9 profile and pick HTML 5 as your default playback format (essentially the same as what do now, but automatic across all videos)
    • uninstall Silverlight and don't re-install it
    • disable Silverlight in Chrome

    All except the 1st put you into HTML 5 playback mode


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    Thanks Duncanma, I've set my profile to HTML 5 and all is well!

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