Defrag Tools: #75 - Windows 8.1 - FileNotFound Crash

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In this episode of Defrag Tools, Andrew Richards, Chad Beeder and Larry Larsen walk you through a common issue in Windows Store applications that use Files. We use a Windows Store 8.1 app sample to show how missing code affects the stability of the process.

Understanding and resolving failures in Windows Store apps
Improving apps with Quality reports
Windows 8.1 Application Samples
Defrag Tools SkyDrive (inc. Scripts and ProcDumpExt)

[00:00] - Back in Building 20 - the Millenium Falcon!
[01:00] - Conference Season - TechEd, //build/ and TechReady
[05:09] - FileAccess sample
[06:06] - try .. catch (System.IO.FileNotFound)
[06:55] - StorageFolder.TryGetItemAsync
[10:18] - Understanding and resolving failures in Windows Store apps
[10:42] - Email us your issues at



The Discussion

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    Larry - not sure what's happened to the C9 website but most videos I try to play fail with my browser set to 'Auto'. The progress bar shows 00:00:00 at start and finish and that's about it!! If I select Format /HTML 5 then videos play okay.

    I am running IE8 and the latest Chrome on Vista 32bit and have same error on both.

    Any ideas?  Love the series on Win8 Apps!

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    @sjypharm:That sounds like a problem with your Silverlight install. Couple thoughts...

    • uninstall Silverlight and re-install it
    • go to your C9 profile and pick HTML 5 as your default playback format (essentially the same as what do now, but automatic across all videos)
    • uninstall Silverlight and don't re-install it
    • disable Silverlight in Chrome

    All except the 1st put you into HTML 5 playback mode


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    Thanks Duncanma, I've set my profile to HTML 5 and all is well!

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